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MENTA is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Our banking Partner, N.A.; Members FDIC.

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There are no more visits to the bank or waiting an unnecessary amount of time for something that should take just a few minutes. Opening a Menta Money Account grants the ability to make convenient deposits, easily monitor spending activity, send and receive money, plus more — All fr om your phone using our app! (coming soon)

The Menta Money Account

Is a checking account, reimagined with unique features AND a virtual card to use immediately for as little as $1.

Send & Receive

Money in seconds between Menta account holders anywhere in the world.


A secured loan using our money! Unlike traditional loans wh ere banks use your money to borrow against and actually capitalize off of — We’ve created a WIN WIN scenario where we put the money for you, so you get the access to what you need. AND we report when you make your payments on time; helping to increase your credit score.

Would you benefit from increasing your credit score?

Yes, A credit-builder loan can be an excellent tool for helping you build or rebuild your credit. Get the credit score you deserve! Higher credit gives you more access to the things you want and need.


Dreaming is the easy part, and our education section is your source for powerful tips and information to help bring your vision, goals and ideas into fruition. That’s right, all the guessing and uncertainty about saving, credit, loans, interest, debt, and limits stop here. A goal of ours which has no end is providing facts and options to help manage your finances, secure your wealth, and build your legacy.



To receive financial literacy and wealth building tips sent directly to your phone.

Check the Blog

You’re welcome to join our Peer-to-Peer Member's Blog. Share information, articles, and tips with like-minded people looking to establish and secure their financial journey.

And live Podcasts

To tune in for an opportunity to get answers from seasoned players in the field of finance.

Evolve With Us

And transform traditional banking products and services into powerful tools to access your money, make purchases, and build credit.

No Hidden Costs

You deserve your money the way you earn your money. No Tricks!

Free Checking Account

Open your free account with as little as $1. Get a virtual card to use with Apple Pay or Google Pay or for online purchases, and your physical card will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days.

No Hidden Costs

No monthly account fees. No minimum balance requirements. Free access to your cash from over 55,000 ATMs in the US.

Premium Perks

Get Real-Time Account Alerts, Rewards Points, Menta Member Account Holder Insurance offers, Make Money on Referrals, Access to Fico Score, Freeze or Unfreeze your Card, FDIC Insured, Privacy Protection. Deposit cash at over 50k location in the US.

Our Services

Banking that makes sense!

Budget and Save

Pocket accounts are a better way to budget, save and manage your money for separate expenses and goals.

Get Paid Early

Get your paycheck up to 2 days earlier with direct deposit. The fee free way to cash your paycheck.


Add a physical or virtual Card to your checking account. You can use your virtual card immediately after opening your account

Build your Credit History

MENTA has partnered with Mint Financial to offer you a secured loan that helps you save while building your credit history.

Pay Anyone

Send money instantly to any MENTA account holder.

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Real Time Support from Real People

Need help with your account? MENTA has a team of trained professionals standing by to help you with whatever your needs may be.

MENTA is a fintech company on a mission to help the 100 million Americans that the financial system has left behind. We will provide a range of products specifically designed to improve their finances and achieve their financial goals.

Karen Stone Jeffley