Build Credit

Build Credit

We are here to help you build your credit so you can have a bright financial and personal future. With excellent credit the possibilities are endless.


At Menta we are here to help you create the reality you want. Understanding what and how to build credit is one of the many building blocks to a successful life. There aren’t many or even any avenues that help you to build credit and so we are here to do just that- build credit. Your future endeavors are our main priority.

No credit checks

Good, Average, Bad, None any type of credit won’t hold you back here, we look at the person and their wants and needs, not a number to make a decision, here we believe in people helping people. We believe in everyone having an opportunity, so no credit checks; credit checks may ding your credit score. We understand how much effort you put into your credit, and with you in mind, we look for your best interest.

Tax Refund

Average Americans spend $525,037 in taxes throughout their lives. Wouldn’t you want to reap what you have sown faster? With Menta, you can do exactly that. It’s that simple you’ll get your tax return three days early, just imagine what you could do with that money.