No Credit Checks

Good, Average, Bad, None any type of credit won’t hold you back here, we look at the person and their wants and needs, not a number to make a decision, here we believe in people helping people.

Understanding the community

We understand that not everyone has the same opportunities, so we allow all to enter our Menta family. No matter if you have great credit or non-existent credit you can build here.

Our mission

We are here to help YOU. We want to help you create generational wealth and financial literacy is the key to get there. Knowledge is the door opener in any situation and we are here to provide the information so that all of your doors are opened.

Waiting, Oh No

Aren’t you tired of waiting for your well-deserved tax refund? I know what I would do if I could access my tax refund, so that’s what we want to offer you. No waiting for your tax refunds anymore, get your money up to 3 days early.