Pocket Account

E-Waller Powered by VISA that helps customers to recharge their mobile, send money, pay bills and many more. A very simple and easy one click solution of all your needs

our Pockets wallet also provice physical shopping card with VISA power which you can used to shop online or any retails store

Instant & Everywhere

download the menta app and create your wallet is easy steps instantly, its help you everywhere you do as its right in your pocket .Recharge it instantly using any Menta debit card or Internet Banking and it's ready for use.

Shop Anywhere

Change the way you pay With the VISA-powered Pockets wallet, you can shop online at any website or get a Pockets Menta Physical Card to shop at stores. Also you can pay through your e-wallet at any store

Pay Anyone

With menta pocket E-Wallet ,
you have the facility to transfer money to any bank account or any mobile number.

Awesome Deals

Yes, we do have goodies for your Menta Pockets! There are specially deals from brands you love are available right in this your menta wallet so you can avail through menta pocket.

Get alerts to keep your savings safe

Wire transfer with menta checking accounts you can deposit or withdraw large sums of money to the other bank account world wide

Money Transfer

Money travels faster with Menta E-wallet , Send money locally or transfer funds anywhere in the world. you can also track your transfer through your wallet

Help at Hand

we are available for you 24/7 , and just one click away. With the chat feature customer support is just a tap away , also you can call or email to our customer support

FDIC Insured

We’re backed by the FDIC, so you can trust that your money’s safe and secure with us. We understand that trusting banks with your money may be scary.FDIC Insured ensures that your money is in safe keepings.

Checking with No Fees

We are here to serve your banking needs and build trust. No sneaky little fees like most banks do