Menta Money Account

You will receive your direct deposit on your Online Menta Checking Account. Access your funds up to two days earlier.

Don’t wait for your money, you can receive it in no time.

We provide solutions to your problems.


You can have an easier experience through the Menta Checking Account. Accomplish this with our mobile Menta App. It is the easiest way to start getting paid early with direct deposit.

Money, Money, Moneeyy!

You deserve to get your hard-earned money early. Stop waiting and get money in your pocket today.

The Standard

Our standard is efficiency and effectiveness, catered to your needs. We are here to meet you; to provide a more sufficient service to our Menta Family is the ideal.

Pocket Account

Have you ever wanted a saving tool create personally for you? That’s what the pocket account is, you can create as many pockets as you want, and name them whatever your heart desires.

Need to Save?

Set your money aside with Pocket account. Saving money is crucial to building your wealth, so wouldn’t you want a tool that could help you do just that?


Let your money sit and grow. Water your seed and see your efforts grow exponentially.

No minimum. No fees

There is no minimum balance required to set up an account and no additional fees.


We understand that you need help. That’s why at Menta we are offering

 CBL loans to help you build your credit. Help us, help you. Striving to help you create

the financial future you deserve.


Understanding how to build credit is one of the many building blocks to a successful life.

     There aren’t many avenues that educate you on the necessities to build your credit history.