Quick Direct Deposit

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Quick Direct Deposit

Zippp, your money is already in your bank account. With our Quick deposit, you’ll see your money before you hear it.

No, wait for your paycheck

You will receive your direct deposit on your Online Menta Checking Account, you will be able to access these funds up to two days early. Don’t wait for your money, no worries about getting lost in the mail. You will have your money as soon as it’s available- compared to traditional banks up to 2 days earlier.

Get paid earlier with direct deposit

This isn’t only a get paid quicker app but, we also offer a banking account- which includes a direct deposit. You can have an easier experience through Menta Checking Account, with direct deposit. This can be done through our mobile app Menta. It is the easiest way to start getting paid early with direct deposit.

Quick deposit

Easily set your money aside with a quick deposit, put your money away quickly.

Money, Money, Moneeyy!​

You deserve to get your hard-earned money early. Stop waiting, and get money in your pocket as early as two days.

The Standard

Our standard is efficient and effective no matter what your needs are. We are here to meet you wherever you are; to provide a more than sufficient service to our Menta family is ideal.

Tax Refund

Average Americans spend $525,037 in taxes throughout their lives. Wouldn’t you want to reap what you have sown faster? With Menta, you can do exactly that. It’s that simple you’ll get your tax return three days early, just imagine what you could do with that money.